2 and 3 year olds (who miss the Cubbies cut-off date)

Puggles is the newest club started by Awana. It is a great time for the little ones to learn about God's love and that they are God's unique creation.

3-5 year olds

Cubbies is a club for boys and girls to teach them about the love of God. They have a fun time playing, making crafts, and most importantly learning the Word of God.

Kindergarten through 2nd grade - Co-ed.

Sparks is a club for boys and girls to teach them about Jesus and his love for them. There are three segments in a club night: Large group (Bible teaching), small group (Bible memorization) and game time.

3rd through 6th grades

T&T Boys and Girls Clubs are an exciting time for them to learn the truth of God's word and train them to follow Christ in their daily lives. A typical night is broken down into three parts: Large group time, handbook time and game time.

Trek - 7th through 8th grade and Journey - 9th through 12 grades - Co-ed.

Our youth programs focus on learning the Word of God and using that knowledge to serve Him. These clubs work on sections as a group in order to help them apply the lessons that are studied.

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