Do you trust what the Bible says? Christianity 103 Message 16 Part 3

  • Do you trust the truths that are written in the Bible? What about those instances where what you believe to be true is actually exposed by the Bible as being untrue? What do you do? What about this? Suppose you never looked to see if something that you believe in, something that you may be involved in is actually spoken about in the Bible. There are many controversial issues in our day and time and some of what people believe to be true actually gets exposed in the Bible as being untrue. Some of the beliefs that people have on abortion, marriage, depression and offenses are actually contrary to the truth of scripture. We encounter one of those controversial issues in the next story in Acts. It isn’t about abortion or marriage or any of the ones I mentioned. This story exposes what people believe and practice when it comes to the spirit world and spiritual warfare. What you sometimes see on TV and often read in books has “NO” credibility. Honestly what you see is a well-crafted deception by the enemy to entertain and deceive anyone, including Christians, who give it their time and attention.

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